Avon RIBs

Avon Rigid Inflatable Boats - New and second hand Avon RIBs

Avon W450 Workboat RIB

Avon Inflatables Ribs - Rigid Inflatable Boats for professional & military applications

Avon manufactures Rigid Inflatable Boats from 4m to 8.5m in length. With a large range of models and a well established dealer network, there are plenty of new and secondhand Avon RIBs available in plain colours, search & rescue, and other professional decorations. Avon is owned by Zodiac which, it is thought, has enhanced their ability to product larger, high performance, reliable RIBs.

Alternatives RIBs

Humber Ribs, Brig RIBS, Valiant RIBS, Zodiac RIBS

Avon Searider RIB range:

SR4m, SR4.7m

5.4m & 6m variants for Commercial Rescue, Navy & Offshore Oil

SR670 & SR760

SR6.4, SR7.4 & SR8.4 in both Outboard or Inboard format

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